Unified data processing, analytics and reporting

Unified data processing,
analytics and reporting
 Omniscope is your complete solution.
From data, through analytics to visualisation.
Omniscope is your complete solution.
From data, through analytics to visualisation.

Omniscope is…


Build workflows to load, stream, blend and transform any data.


Exploit machine learning, extract insights and perform visual exploration.


Design interactive reports, publish and share your results.


Data Managers

Build and manage pipelines to pull, transform and push your data across systems.

Data Scientists

Utilise built-in machine learning or plug in your models to augment your IDE experience.

Data Analysts

Discover insights to make data-driven business decisions.



A fresh and smart experience on any device: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.


Augment workflows with custom Python / R scripts and enhance reports with any JS based visualisation.


Big Data preparation and Live Query on SQL databases.


Multi-user synchronised edits to collaborate on workflows and dashboards.


Schedule data refresh and report updates, trigger tasks and alerts. Plenty of REST API to automate data flows, edit and query data, reconfigure dashboards.


Deploy on-premises locally or on your cloud. Built-in user permissions, OpenID Connect identity verification (Google, Okta, Auth0, Keycloak) and LDAP support.

Building blocks for data blending

Omniscope’s pluggable blocks let you explore and build your data pipeline.

Extract and process big data. Transform, combine and clean. Use in Omniscope’s visualisations, or export to another system.

Data sources include:

Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, Parquet, Avro, text

Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Campaign Manager, Sheets

Salesforce, Twitter, Reddit


SQL databases

Hadoop, Elasticsearch

Google Cloud Storage

Amazon Redshift, S3

Actian Vector, Impala

Community Custom blocks (Python / R)

Intelligent analytics

Omniscope helps you do advanced analytics the right way.




Basket analysis



Topic modelling

Network analysis

Other advanced analytics include:

Custom Python

Custom R


Variable Importance


Dimensionality reduction


Integrated visualisations

Explore your data in our dynamic interactive views.

Filter, select, isolate, exclude. Experiment with different visualisations. Create and share reports.

Or create your own custom JavaScript views.

With our Custom View API, use any client-side HTML5 framework or technology you like – your views will filter and cross-tab automatically.

New features added daily by our Dev-A-Team

Omniscope demo gallery

Data storytelling on how to visualise geographic time data – Analysis of the water quality in Europe

Collections of web dashboards to help analyse and explore the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, worldwide and in specific countries.

Simulating the effects of social distancing and isolation, taking into account asymptomatic and positive cases, lethality of the Covid-19 and region population density.

Dashboard to monitor & visualise cryptocurrency flows between exchanges and unknown entities on different Blockchain networks.

Analysing data from two unrelated advertising campaigns in the same report. Independent and combined filtering applied.

Explore the impressive career stats of Kobe Bryant, one of (if not) the best NBA player ever.

Showing truck delivery routes and quantities of pallets delivered to customers, including the delay breakdown.

Harvesting historic data from internet-hosted files, harmonising data and visualising results

Wine collection is clustered according to characteristics such as chemistry, colour etc.

Analysing trading volume/price correlation of a security.
In this demo we focused on price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Leo, attempting a time-series analysis as explained by this blog post

Exploiting public data to build a monitoring dashboard. Measuring air pollution and trigger data alerts.
An example of data democratisation to put a spotlight on public health. Full article on Medium.

Streaming live data from Twitter to calculate users sentiment about Brexit over time.



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