Omniscope Evo
Browser-based app for scalable and extensible data processing, analytics and visualisation, on any device.
Omniscope Evo on any device
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Download Evo, our universally accessible web-based scalable next generation of Omniscope, activate your Licence Key or start the free 30 days trial on first run.
Contact us for help or to give us your much-appreciated feedback.

Includes Omniscope Classic

The latest download of Evo also bundles Omniscope Classic , the native desktop application for in-memory data editing, processing and analysis, with IOK file reporting and free Viewer.

Recommendations & known issues
  • Use the latest Chrome browser. Other browsers will be fully supported in future.
  • For best performance, configure your virus checker to have an exception for the Omniscope sharing folder, typically in ‘USERHOME/omniscope-server/files’.
  • Mac versions of Omniscope 2020.2 onwards currently require you to approve new downloads using the Security Center. More info.
  • Additional installation step needed on older versions of Windows.
  • If upgrading a cloud server to 2020.3 b21000 or later (from any version prior to this), you must follow this advisory.
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