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Omniscope website

For general information about Visokio (the company), and Omniscope (the product), including:

  • Download – download the latest version of Omniscope, which bundles Omniscope Classic.
  • Sandbox – explore Omniscope on our public and open sandbox.
  • Demos – explore our gallery of Omniscope demos.


Help Center

The Help Center is your home page for Omniscope support, including:

  • User Forums – the fastest place to get help and inspiration, and to suggest and discuss new ideas, actively monitored by Visokio and our network.
  • Knowledge Base – for Omniscope documentation, guides, FAQs and other support and troubleshooting articles.
  • Support Tickets – view your open support tickets, and submit new support requests.


Omniscope Classic resources


Training sessions

Visokio and partners offer a range of training packages. Contact us for further information.


Error reporting

Report any faults from within Omniscope when prompted, or directly:

  • Using the blue system tray icon menu (Omniscope 2018+)
  • Using Help > Error reporting (Omniscope Classic)
  • By submitting a ticket
  • By emailing

Include a screenshot and attach the data files, project export (IOZ file) and server logs / saved errors, where possible.

Report errors with download & installation using this form.


Contact us directly

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